Language structure: variation and change


Special issue Studia Linguistica, april 2017

The World of Reflexives: Universal Principles and a Typology of Variation
-Introduction; Alexis Dimitriadis, Martin Everaert & Eric Reuland
– Why is Reflexivity so Special? Understanding the World of Reflexives; Eric Reuland
– A Formal Typology of Reflexives; Rose-Marie Déchaine & Martina Wiltschko
Reflexives Markers in Oceanic Languages; Claire Moyse-Faurie
– Reflexivity in Two Zhuang Dialects; Dagmar Schadler
-Minimal pronouns, logophoricity and long-distance reflexivisation in Avar; Pavel Rudnev
– Reflexivity in Meadow Mari: Binding and Agree; Anna Volkova