Language structure: variation and change

Monthly Archives: December 2017

Special Issue ‘The biology of language’

This special issue of Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews arose out of an Academy Colloquium, ‘The Biology of Language,’ held in the ‘Trippenhuis’, Amsterdam in Dec 2014. The Colloquium was organised by Johan Bolhuis, Martin Everaert and Riny Huybregts, under the auspices of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. Our aim for this special issue is…

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The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Syntax

A fully revised and updated, this second edition of  offers a substantive collection of syntactic case studies of syntactic phenomena. A ‘case’ is a well-delimited empirical area (both as to the construction(s) involved and as to the languages in which the phenomena are found) whose analysis has, at one time or another in the history…

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ELS preparatory grant for ‘Moedertaal in NT2’

I am very happy to announce that my project ‘Moedertaal in NT2’ has been awarded a prepatory grant of €20.000 by focus area Education for Learning Societies (ELS). ELS is an interdisciplinary research programme, combining the efforts of researchers in psychology, economy, linguistics, and pedagogy to improve education. In Moedertaal in NT2 (MoedINT2), an app is…

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