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Language structure: variation and change


The verbal domain

The Verbal Domain, the book I edited with Irene Franco and Ángel Gallego, is out. The book investigates the nature and structure of the verbal domain and the complexity of the…

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Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age

Together with Feike Dietz, Marijn Schraagen, Cora van der Poppe en Jorik van Engeland, I have a project on language dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age. It is an interdisciplinary…

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Current research: Myrthe Bergstra

Here you can find the slides of my presentation about Dutch-Frisian language contact and change: Presentation Myrthe Dutch-Frisian language contact (AThEME project)  

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Language expertise

In our research group we have expertise on a large number of languages. Check the document and send me an email if you want to add or change anything. Languages…

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Current research: Aaron Griffith

Here is a pdf of the handout from my presentation with Elliott Lash on the syntax of verbal agreement with coordinated subjects in Old Irish. Agreement with coordinated subjects handout

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