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Language structure: variation and change


Vitaliteit Papiaments in NL redelijk hoog (artikel Antilliaans Dagblad)

Hoewel onderzoeken elkaar mogelijk wat tegenspreken is de conclusie van taalwetenschapper Ellen-Petra Kester dat de vitaliteit van het Papiaments in Nederland redelijk hoog is. Dat wil zeggen dat de taal krachtig genoeg is om niet zomaar te verdwijnen uit de Nederlandse samenleving. Artikel Antilliaans Dagblad (20 februari 2020)

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The verbal domain

The Verbal Domain, the book I edited with Irene Franco and Ángel Gallego, is out. The book investigates the nature and structure of the verbal domain and the complexity of the Verb Phrase (VP). It is divided into three parts, representing the areas in which contemporary debate on the verbal domain is most active. The first…

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Language Dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age

Together with Feike Dietz, Marijn Schraagen, Cora van der Poppe en Jorik van Engeland, I have a project on language dynamics in the Dutch Golden Age. It is an interdisciplinary project combining formal linguistics, computational linguistics, historical sociolinguistics and literary studies. Attached you find a powerpoint presentation we made for our lecture to the OBP. It…

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A quantitative and qualitative analysis of microvariation in the Dutch dialects

Here is a handout of a talk Jeroen van Craenenbroeck and me presented at the Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop in Stellenbosch  last december. We are very proud of this work and it is a line of research we will develop further in the years to come…   https://www.ris.uu.nl/ws/files/26218804/handout_cgsw.pdf  

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Current research: Myrthe Bergstra

Here you can find the slides of my presentation about Dutch-Frisian language contact and change: Presentation Myrthe Dutch-Frisian language contact (AThEME project)  

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Language expertise

In our research group we have expertise on a large number of languages. Check the document and send me an email if you want to add or change anything. Languages in Research Group Language structure – variation and change Jacomine Nortier

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Current research: Aaron Griffith

Here is a pdf of the handout from my presentation with Elliott Lash on the syntax of verbal agreement with coordinated subjects in Old Irish. Agreement with coordinated subjects handout

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