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Language structure: variation and change

Monthly Archives: November 2017

Geographic Information Systems and Social Networks

On Thursday 30 November, Roberta will give a talk at the workshop Geographic Information Systems and Social Networks. Consequences for the study of Linguistic Variation at the Autònoma University of Barcelona. The…

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Defense Moragh Gordon

Promotie Mo Gordon: de ontwikkeling van Standaardengels in Bristol (1400-1700) Op 21 november verdedigde Mo Gordon (Language structure: variation and change) haar proefschrift waarin ze taalvariatie en -verandering onderzocht in…

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Jacomine Nortier: Gender-related online metalinguistic comments on Straattaal and Moroccan Flavored Dutch in the Moroccan heritage community in the Netherlands

Abstract: Straattaal (‘street language’) used by members of various ethnic groups contains linguistic material from English and several heritage languages with relatively many Sranan words. Moroccan Flavored Dutch (MFD) is Dutch with elements…

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