Language structure: variation and change

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Special issue Studia Linguistica, april 2017

The World of Reflexives: Universal Principles and a Typology of Variation -Introduction; Alexis Dimitriadis, Martin Everaert & Eric Reuland – Why is Reflexivity so Special? Understanding the World of Reflexives; Eric Reuland – A Formal Typology of Reflexives; Rose-Marie Déchaine & Martina Wiltschko Reflexives Markers in Oceanic Languages; Claire Moyse-Faurie – Reflexivity in Two Zhuang…

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Workshop on Historical Literary Variation as a Mirror for Language Change

Beste collega’s,   Via deze e-mail nodigen we u graag uit voor de workshop Historical Literary Variation as a Mirror for Language Change op donderdag 13 april 2017. Deze workshop combineert letterkunde en taalkunde op het gebied van taalvariatie en -verandering. Jonge onderzoekers verzorgen lezingen over hun werk, en bespreken verschillende talige en taalkundige elementen vanuit verschillende perspectieven….

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The verbal domain

The Verbal Domain, the book I edited with Irene Franco and Ángel Gallego, is out. The book investigates the nature and structure of the verbal domain and the complexity of the Verb Phrase (VP). It is divided into three parts, representing the areas in which contemporary debate on the verbal domain is most active. The first…

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