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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Paper on Old Irish verbal agreement with conjoined subjects

Dear all, A couple years ago Elliott Lash (NUI Maynooth) and I presented a paper to the group on Old Irish verbal agreement with conjoined subjects. The paper has been published in the Journal of Celtic Linguistics and is now available here. All the best, Aaron Griffith

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Irina van Aalst & Jacomine Nortier (2018): Youth, language and urban public space: Where geography and linguistics meet. Dutch journal of Applied Linguistics 7(1). 68-88

This paper presents an interdisciplinary study on the interface between young people, their language use, group belonging and urban space. Relevant literature from the fields of sociolinguistics and urban geography is reviewed and integrated, focusing on language, identity and place. The outcomes are based on on-site interviews and focus group meetings that were used to…

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Jacomine Nortier. Language and identity practices among multilingual Western European youths. Language & Linguistics Compass. May 2018

Nortier J. Language and identity practices among multilingual Western European youths. Lang Linguist Compass. 2018;12:e12278. Abstract: Since the 1980s, an increasing number of studies on youth languages in Europe has appeared. In this paper, a selection of the literature on linguistic practices and identity work by young people in multilingual and multiethnic urban areas in Western Europe is reviewed and…

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