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Language structure: variation and change


The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Syntax

A fully revised and updated, this second edition of  offers a substantive collection of syntactic case studies of syntactic phenomena. A ‘case’ is a well-delimited empirical area (both as to…

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Jacomine Nortier: Gender-related online metalinguistic comments on Straattaal and Moroccan Flavored Dutch in the Moroccan heritage community in the Netherlands

Abstract: Straattaal (‘street language’) used by members of various ethnic groups contains linguistic material from English and several heritage languages with relatively many Sranan words. Moroccan Flavored Dutch (MFD) is Dutch with elements…

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4 new papers by Eric Reuland

Language and imagination: Evolutionary explorations (DOI) Why is reflexivity so special? Understanding the world of reflexives (DOI) What structural priming can and cannot reveal (with Loes Koring, full text) Reflexives…

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