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Language structure: variation and change

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Going Romance 2018

The Utrecht institute of Linguistics (UiL-OTS) will organize Going Romance 2018 on December 11-14, 2018 Invited speakers: Silvio Cruschina (Universität Wien) Hamida Demirdache (Université de Nantes) Luis López (University of…

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World Science Forum

Roberta will attend the World Science Forum on Science for Peace in Jordan, in November. She will be giving a short talk on research integrity at the thematic workshop “The Future of…

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Defense Robbert van Sluijs

Robbert van Sluijs will defend his dissertation titled ‘Variation and change in Virgin Islands Dutch Creole’ on May 11 in the aula of the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. The defense is a…

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Popularizing Linguistics

My linguistics for dummies Facebook page (in Italian, unfortunately), Linguistica in Pillole, has about 16K followers (15915 as I write). On this page, I post linguistics news, curiosities, simple linguistic notions,…

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Vluchtelingen en NT2

Extra college in de BA-cursus Onderwijs Nederlands: op woensdag 2 november van 15:15-17:00 uur komt Anne Kerkhoff van de Fontys Hogeschool langs voor een gastcollege. Anne Kerkhoff en Jacomine Nortier…

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Youth Languages

On May 26th I will present a key note at the 8th International Conference on youth Languages (http://jugendsprachen-2016.uni-graz.at/). In my talk, I will address the following topics: (1) what are…

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