Language structure: variation and change


New book: Language and Slavery

The book ‘Language and Slavery. A social and linguistic history of the Suriname Creoles’ by Jacques Arends (1952-2005) is now available. It is published posthumously in collaboration with Norval Smith, Eithne B. Carlin, S. de Haan, Adrienne Bruyn and Margot van den Berg. It discusses largely underexplored historical texts in and on the Surinamese Creoles and offers in a lucid yet fine-grained and in-depth manner important insights on the earlier stages of these languages and the cultures of their speakers. It further provides an all-encompassing sociolinguistic overview of the colony of Suriname up to the mid-19th century and shows how ethnicity, language attitude, religion and location had an effect on which languages were spoken by whom. Highly recommended for linguists, historians, anthropologists and literary scholars with an interest in Suriname as well as those interested in the emergence of new languages and cultures.

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