Language structure: variation and change


The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Syntax

A fully revised and updated, this second edition of  offers a substantive collection of syntactic case studies of syntactic phenomena. A case is a well-delimited empirical area (both as to the construction(s) involved and as to the languages in which the phenomena are found) whose analysis has, at one time or another in the history of formal theorizing, played an important role in the theoretical debates at that time.
     The Companion has been updated and expanded to include a wider array of important syntactic case studies. Over 350 languages and dialects from over 40 language (sub) families are discussed in 120 chapters, available both online and across 8 print volumes (5264 pages).
     Approximately 150 authors contributed to this companion, among which from Utrecht: Norbert Corver, Gaetano Fiorin, Marjo van Koppen, Eric Reuland, Eddy Ruys and Maaike Schoorlemmer. The volume is edited by Martin Everaert & Henk van Riemsdijk.